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"I'm learning how to be kind to myself, have self-love and grace. I've also learned that I'm ok and I'm on the right path in life which will lead me to my goals."

"Sarah helps me see myself as a good person who is working hard to be better for myself and the people around me. Sarah always assures me that therapy is a judgement free zone and I am totally safe to be open about my emotions."

"I like that she remembers your story, she listens well, is understanding & gives great wisdom."

"Sarah has given me the opportunity to just be myself, transparent and safe. She allows me to be myself which at times can be all over the place. But not once has she ever made me feel like I couldn't just, Be."

"Sarah is great at finding key words to zero in on. I don’t feel like she feels the need to sugar coat what she says, and the perceived honesty is very beneficial."

"Sarah has helped me realize how much I've grown and to believe in myself. She’s very good at perceiving what you are saying or trying to say and gives good feedback."

"I've made tremendous progress working with Sarah. I have made great strides in my recovery with Sarah. Also, I have made incredible progress in dealing with my bi-polar disorder. I appreciate the way Sarah listens to me. I appreciate the way she asks me questions to have myself look closer at my problems I am seeking help for."

"I look forward to sessions, because the input helps me manage struggles in my life along with symptoms of my mental illness. With Sarah’s help I have begun to develop better practices and start to get my life in order."

"Sarah is very professional, very caring and very sincere, and a very comfortable person to open to."

*all of the above feedback was anonymously provided by former clients, with their consent*