Sarah Aftab, LCSW, LICSW

Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapist

Welcome! I'm Sarah, I practice individual psychotherapy with adults with a holistic approach.

I'm a Licensed Clinical Social Worker & certified Accelerated Resolution Therapy clinician.

I specialize in treating trauma, anxiety, depression, and healing through reconnecting with our mind, body and our world.

I practice virtually with residents of CT & MA, and in-person in Northampton, MA.

What I am passionate about working on in therapy:

  • Recognizing thoughts, feelings & physical sensations with curiosity and openness, without judgement

  • Pausing to intentionally choose how to respond to something, instead of getting wrapped up in it & reacting

  • Letting go of the past & not obsessing over the future

  • Prioritizing your physical and mental needs

  • Accepting that nothing is wrong with you

  • Normalizing trauma

  • Unlearning shame

  • Learning to love and trust yourself

  • Setting boundaries with yourself and others

  • De-stigmatizing mental illness

  • Recovering from people-pleasing and perfectionism

Learn more about My Approach here. You can learn about my experience and diagnoses I treat on the About Me page, although I think there's much more to us than diagnoses or symptoms.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy

ART is a specific intervention used to treat and reduce symptoms of PTSD, phobias, anxiety, depression, grief and other issues.

I would love to tell you more about it.

Take a look at the my ART page to learn more.

"Sarah helped me come to the conclusion that my mistakes don’t mark me for life, and that I can actually learn from them. They’re not meant to define me as a failure or hopeless, but instead that the situation wasn’t best for me."

"Sarah has helped me understand the importance of setting realistic intentions and what “baby steps” look like. I have grown more comfortable sharing my truth—with others, not just Sarah. She is patient. She is also perceptive and gently pushes me to share my truth."

"I’m better at deep breathing and identifying my feelings when they occur. She asks questions that really make me think and is a great listener. She also validates my experiences and recognizes that I have different experiences because of the various intersections of my identity."

See more feedback from those who I've worked with on my Testimonials page