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My Approach

Testimonials are a helpful resource to learn about what my approach feels like for people when they've been in therapy with me. Below describes my approach from my point of view.

My practice is mindfulness-based.

I incorporate meditations into sessions and teach ways to practice mindfulness in everyday life. In these practices we learn to be present with our body, thoughts, feelings & surroundings. Mindfulness teaches us how to be aware of our experiences without judgement and increases our self-compassion & acceptance. Studies have shown it can improve anxiety, emotional instability, anger, insomnia, chronic pain, attention, concentration, responses to trauma & stress, and more.

Theories that Inform my Work

Understanding the underlying causes of our issues


  • How difficult situations from early life have affected our unconscious

  • Insight to understand ourselves & how we learned to survive in our world


  • Connecting patterns from our relationships in childhood to today

  • Learning about our fears with others & how we protect ourselves

  • Changing patterns to grow healthy relationships & improve our self-worth

Trauma Informed

  • Recognizing how trauma impacts us consciously & unconsciously every day

  • Acknowledging our suffering to free ourselves from harm & oppression

Internal Family Systems

  • Understanding & reconnecting with the parts of ourselves we may not like

Coping Skills I Teach

Tools that help us deal with stress and symptoms in our daily lives

Mindfulness & Meditative Therapies - paying attention moment-to-moment to what's happening within & around us without getting overwhelmed by it, through intentional practices

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy - improving mindfulness, relationships, emotional regulation & distress tolerance

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy - reframing thinking patterns that may be unhelpful to our emotions & behaviors

Many of these are also connected to health & wellness, learning to take care of ourselves physically, as well as mentally.

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART)

ART is a specific intervention which studies have shown to improve symptoms of PTSD, phobias, anxiety, depression, grief, addiction and other issues.

Learn more about Accelerated Resolution Therapy on my ART page.