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Accelerated Resolution Therapy

Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) uses rapid eye movements to access the parts of the brain that store images & sensations connected to our memories, in order to:

  • Relax and relieve negative sensations associated with negative memories

  • Decrease intrusive thoughts of upsetting images of distressing events

  • Prevent being triggered by memories

  • Make new meanings of the events and empower ourselves to heal

What I love about ART:

  • How quickly people see results (typically less than 5 sessions) and how versatile it is

  • That you decide how little or much you want to talk about the upsetting memories

  • How many people leave feeling relaxed and smiling after ART, even when they came in with fear about the process

Check out the ART website to learn more.

*ART is not hypnotherapy

ART sessions are structured differently than a typical therapy session. I'm unable to provide ART sessions at this time as they must be done in-person.